Who We Are, What We Do, Where We're Headed

    Who We Are

    420 is a Local Church and House of Prayer in Indianapolis that exists to Minister to the Lord and live out the Gospel everyday. We believe that we are a priesthood unto the Lord that offers sacrifices of praise and worship on a daily basis. We believe our main task is to raise up a banner of First Love to God that will influence our neighborhoods, our city, and our region.

    What We Do

    We gather regularly in a few different settings. We offer prayer sets to minister to the Lord through Thanksgiving, Praise, Worship, and Intercession. We also gather Corporately to minister to the Lord together and teach through His Word. You can find the times on our homepage and directions under the directions tab. We want our lives to represent 1 Corinthians 4:20 and see the Gospel saturate our city and then the nations. We have communities throughout the nations that we pour into regularly through trips and relationships.

    Where We're Headed

    We believe the Lord has called us to minister to Him and live out the Gospel everyday. We are seeing the Lord building a resting place in our city through us, where His Presence dwells and He meets with his people. Everything we do is for this purpose. His manifest Presence will transform our city and the nations.


    Building Blocks the Lord has put into Place


    Loving God is our top priority. Ministering to Jesus is our life long assignment


    Pursue being intoxicated with the love of God to the point of overflow


    Treat everyone to the measure that we see Jesus in them


    Miracles are a manifestation of the heart of God


    The measure of our success is directly related to how well we love


    All of Scripture is God breathed for the purpose of growing into the likeness of Christ and knowing Him.


    Jesus reigns on the throne of David, expanding his Kingdom through modern day priests who minister to Him


    We are all anointed with the anointed one. There’s no such thing as a one man ministry


    Gather for, grow in, and go from Him whom all things flow


    Directs, guides, and empowers us to live exactly like Jesus