February 2018

Hey Everyone,
Once again, thank you all for continuing in this vision with us. As you know, we just got back from our trip to India a couple weeks ago and we were blown away by what the Lord is continuing to do. We are making a far bigger impact then we thought in India. Last year, we trained around 50 leaders with identity in Christ and this year when we visited we trained 160. We’ve never seen discipleship like this! When we refer to “leader”, we mean someone who is a pastor or leader that has planted a house church, and some of these leaders have planted multiple house churches in Raipur and the surrounding areas. We spoke with one leader who is currently raising up 10 more who are in the process of planting a house church right now. House churches consist of 10-100 people. We spent all our time going to the different regions in the state of Chhattisgarh and equipping the leaders in each region. Their ministry has expanded to almost covering the state. The second day there we drove 4 hours one way to get to the north region and the third day we drove 5 hours to get to the south. They have a region to the west and then the city of Raipur. Sumeet has identified one key leader per region that will equip all of the pastors under him so that when we send curriculum, Sumeet will equip the regional leaders, who will then go back to their regions to equip the pastors that they oversee.

We saw a lot of grace on the gifts of words of knowledge and healing while we were there and we felt strongly that the Lord wanted to further equip them in words of knowledge. A word of knowledge is a piece of information that you could not have known about someone that the Lord reveals to you. We specifically focused on words of knowledge in relation to healing. Many pastors told us of the difference in their ministry since we were there last year. Currently in India, 8 out of 10 hindus are coming to Christ through a healing encounter. During our trip, we saw over 100 healings and many, many received words of knowledge for the first time and saw people healed as a result. There was one woman in particular who had never gotten a word of knowledge and when we asked for a volunteer, she was hungry to receive the gift from the Lord. We told her that we would pray for her and that she would either feel pain somewhere in her body, think of a word, or get a picture of something that needs to be healed in the room. After the pray, she said she experienced pain or sensation in her knee, back, and her hip. Many people in the room had one or more of the issues that she spoke out and when they came forward, she prayed for them and they received healing immediately. She was more than thrilled to operate in this gift with the Holy Spirit. There was a even a hindu woman who came to our meeting, got healed and gave her life to Jesus. This is what it looks like when we co-labor with the Holy Spirit in the gifts that Jesus died to give us. There is immediate, long-lasting fruit. We got to meet the woman who supernaturally received the ability to read and write from the Lord and hear more of her story as well. She was a very fundamental hindu woman who had chronic back pain for years and could not get help from any doctor that she visited. She ended up getting healed because her Christian neighbor who attends one of the churches in the ministry we partner with gave her a glass of water that she had prayed over and told her to drink it and believe on Jesus Christ for healing! She got healed and gave her life to Christ, heard you could ask the Lord for wisdom and did so because she couldn’t read or write. The Lord gave it to her and now she’s planted many house churches and she’s teaching and raising up other women in Bible studies. How amazing is that!?

We never set out to just see people healed. We set out to equip and empower with identity in Christ and the goodness of God and the result of that is healing and supernatural encounter. God loves to confirm His Word and He is always faithful. Healing is the easiest part of our job as Christians because we aren’t the ones doing it.

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