Praise God and what He is doing in the world today. It’s easy to take our eyes off of Him and focus on all the negative circumstances, but if you focus on heaven, you’ll see a whole lot of good going on in the nations. Thank you so much for your continued support in prayer and finances. We say it a lot, but our fruit is ultimately your fruit because you are enabling us to GO and fulfill our assignment on the earth. Our trip to Nigeria was probably the most physically exhausting trip that we have taken so far, but the fruit from it was more than we expected. We are never completely sure of what the Lord wants to accomplish until we set foot in a community. Then we can partner with what God is saying and doing in the area and press into what we can add to the equation, which is always identity in Christ. It was made abundantly clear to us, that in Nigeria, the Lord wants to unify His body. There seemed to be a church on every block but unfortunately, the occasion is rare that they’ll ever meet. “Anointed men of God” seem to be everywhere on billboards promising people a change of life and different circumstances but the fruit is rarely seen. Miracles are not new to their culture. In fact, miracles were the only thing that they could talk about. We preached every day from 9am-2pm at a conference for church leaders and their congregations so there were about 200-300 people everyday packed into a newly built Bible school that we utilized, and every evening we would split up. Matt, Suraj, and I would go to different churches and preach to their congregations. I can confidently say that the only topics we preached on were intimacy with God and identity in Christ, yet we saw the Holy Spirit do things straight out of the book of Acts. We trained people up in the simplicity of the Gospel and what a relationship with Jesus looks like when it’s lived out and we watched as people prayed for each other for healing and breakthrough in different areas of their lives. We saw 5 blind women healed, a deaf boy healed, hundreds of other healings, demons cast out, and people give their lives to Jesus. 90% of all of those things happened when we called up children to pray for people. There’s something to say about childlike faith. Jesus himself said that the kingdom belonged to kids. Now we know why. We got an opportunity to meet the High Chief of the state that we were in as well and got to minister to him. He welcomed us with open arms and blessed our future trips to his country. As we were heading to the airport to fly home, Pastor Samuel, our contact and friend, told us that he hasn’t seen a move of God like that in a very long time and he’s been around the world. Multiple pastors and church leaders got up at the end of the conference and we’re blown away by the simple Gospel that we preached and how the kids would lay hands on the sick and see them healed. It really is that simple. Jesus paid for it, we live it out. We laid the groundwork for the future and next year we will be able to utilize one of their football stadiums for a prayer conference to unify the body of Christ and for a crusade to save the lost.

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