• Prayer Room

    The heart behind the mission and vision of 420 is to build the Lord a resting place in our city. We've learned that in order to host the Lord, he requires our obedience, thanksgiving, praise, and adoration. Ministering TO the Lord is our highest value. Therefore we want to be careful and prayerful about how we can continue to grow while keeping ministry unto the Lord the central piece of our calling.


    "There we two hundred eighty-eight of these men, and all of them were skilled musicians. David assigned them their duties by asking the Lord what he wanted. Everyone was responsible for something, whether young or old, teacher or student." 1 Chronicles 25:7


    Please make sure to check out our PRAYER ROOM TRAINING videos on YouTube

    Application & Audition

    Application Process

    1. Commit to at least one weekly prayer set, or devo set during the application and audition process.

    2. Complete and submit the application online, using the Apply Now link below.

    3. Please submit a video audition of yourself through YouTube. Copy and paste the YouTube URL into space provided on the application form.


    Prayer Room Expectations

    • Established: We expect all applicants to be attendees of 420 for 3 months or more before applying to serve in the Prayer Room.
    • Application: All potential worship team members must complete an application to the 420 staff.
    • Audition: All potential worship team members must pass a video audition and a possible live audition in order to serve on a Prayer room or Worship team.
    • Faithfulness: Commit to serving weekly during a prayer set in the Prayer Room and to living a lifestyle of worship and prayer.
    • Teachability: Be willing to receive instruction with a desire for growth and willingness to be encouraged and even corrected for the purpose of training.
    • Training: Complete any designated training assignments given by 420 Staff or a Worship/Prayer leader in a timely manner.
    • Integrity: Demonstrate a high level of humility, integrity, and accountability.
    • Punctuality: Must arrive at least 15 minutes prior to each prayer meeting in which you are scheduled.



    Worship Leader:

    • Minimum of 1 year experience leading worship in a prayer room or on a worship team.
    • Sensitivity to the Spirit in order to lead spontaneous worship
    • Ability to lead from an acoustic guitar or keyboard
    • Ability to play/sing with a click


    • Minimum 1 year experience singing harmony and melody in a prayer room or on a worship team
    • Must be able to hear and sing both high and low harmonies by ear
    • Have a great sensitvity to timing (understanding when to sing and when not to sing)
    • Ability to sing with a click


    • Minimum of 1 year experience playing in a prayer room or on a worship team
    • Must be able to play using a chord chart
    • Must be able to play in all keys and transpose (without a transpose button on piano), or be working toward that level of skill
    • Sensitivity to the SPirit and ability to spontaneously flow with the worship leader and team
    • Ability to play with a click.
    • Keys: Ability to play pads and keys, not classical only. KNowledge of and/or willingness to learn MIDI using Abnleton, Reason, or Mainstage.
    • Drums: Must be able to play well with a click track
    • Electric Guitar: Ability to play lead lines, parts, rhythm and fill space withinn spontaneous flow
    • Bass: Ability to "lock in" with the drummer and ability to play with a pick
    • Strings: Ability to play in a prayer room or on a worship team. Ability to play lead lines and fill space with good tone


    Instructions for Video Submission:

    For Musicians (drums, electric guitar, keys or bass), choose one of the following songs below, learn your part instrumentally, and record a video of yourself playing along with the recording. For guitarists and bassists, please show us your pedadl-board in the video.


    For Singers, record yourself singing along with one of the following songs below. Sing melody on the verses and harmony on the chorus and bridge


    For Worship Leaders, record yourself leading one of the following songs. Leading includes singing and playing your instrument or singing while someone else accompanies.



    Your application & audition video will be reviewed and the worship department will notify you of the next steps.


    During this process, we would love for you to attend prayer meetings and establish relationships with those currently serving in the Prayer Room.

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