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    The heart behind the mission and vision of 420 is to build the Lord a resting place in our city. We've learned that in order to host the Lord, he requires our obedience, thanksgiving, praise, and adoration. Ministering TO the Lord is our highest value. Therefore we want to be careful and prayerful about how we can continue to grow while keeping ministry unto the Lord the central piece of our calling.


    "There we two hundred eighty-eight of these men, and all of them were skilled musicians. David assigned them their duties by asking the Lord what he wanted. Everyone was responsible for something, whether young or old, teacher or student." 1 Chronicles 25:7


    Our vision for the Tech team is two fold.

    1. Minister to the Lord through sound and tech.

    2. Use your creativity when it comes to sound and working with the worship team.


    The Tech Team consists of:

    - Sound Board Technicians

    - Lyrical Scribes

    Lyrical scribe sounds a bit ominous. But it describes exactly what we hope that our technichians will do. Follow the worship team/prayer room team and create slides that reflect what God is doing. For example, if the worship team starts signing a verse, put the verse on the screen. If they're singing about the beauty of Jesus, find a verse that correlates and make sure it's up on the screen. As far as sound goes, we want you to have some creative liberty to follow the Lord as He is leading you when it comes to adjusting sound and working with the worship team. The tech team lead will be Clay at this time and he'll be receiving your application and giving further instruction. Please apply below.

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