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    The heart behind the mission and vision of 420 is to build the Lord a resting place in our city. We've learned that in order to host the Lord, he requires our obedience, thanksgiving, praise, and adoration. Ministering TO the Lord is our highest value. Therefore we want to be careful and prayerful about how we can continue to grow while keeping ministry unto the Lord the central piece of our calling.


    "There we two hundred eighty-eight of these men, and all of them were skilled musicians. David assigned them their duties by asking the Lord what he wanted. Everyone was responsible for something, whether young or old, teacher or student." 1 Chronicles 25:7


    Our vision for the Serve team is two fold.

    1. Follow the Lord on how to create environments that He likes.

    2. Serve in practical areas where we see needs.


    The Serve Team consists of:

    - The serve team helps to create and care for environments where people can connect with God and others. (Welcoming people in, helping to plan and host community events and caring for church facilities)

    - Welcomers - those who greet people as they come in

    - Communion Prep - Making sure communion is set out and people know about it

    - Observers - Reading the room and filling needs.

    - Cleaning - Clean up at the end of Thursday nights

    - Pray - Join in on pre-serve prayer, praying for one another, etc.

    Our heart for the serve team is to care for the room as if it were the Lord's house, because it is. If you see a need, fill it. We desire this team to consist of spirit-filled, lovers of Jesus that want to create an environment where the Lord rests. Will we pick up trash at the end of the night? Yes. Will we get to look at Jesus doing so? Yes! Your team leads will be Cade Paddock & Jourdan Lehman. They will receive your application and you'll get further instruction from them.

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