• Worship Training

    Ministering to the Lord in the Prayer Room


    Welcome to the 420 Prayer Room Worship Training. Go through these videos, takes notes, and prepare your heart to be commissioned into a lifestyle of prayer & worship.

    What is "Ministering to the Lord"?

    This is the heart of 420. We exist to minister to the Lord. You were called out of something and into something. Ministering to the Lord is our lifelong asignment.

    Why Have a Prayer Room?

    There is no better way for the bride of Christ, the church, than to behold and love the Lord.

    God is Moved by Us

    We have 4 foundational pillars for the way we worship and respond to God's Presence.

    Blessing the Heart of God

    A sacrifice of Praise & Worship.

    A Resting Place

    Creating a resting place for God through worship & prayer in our city will result in cultural transformation.


    We have been called and commissioned by God to build a community who's first priority is to minister to Him.

    Prayer Model

    The framework of how we have learned to enter in to the Presence of God.


    Thanksgiving is the first way that we approach God whether individually or corporately.


    The decleration of who God is and the attributes of God.

    Worship / Adoration

    When thanks and praise are an offering unto the Lord we find ourselves in the Presence of God where we can adore Him.


    Agreeing with God.

    Planned & Spontaneous

    Use a text section to describe your values, show more info, summarize a topic, or tell a story.

    Discerning the Leadership of the Spirit

    The Lord is THE Leader of the House.